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Pre-Requisite: This application requires .Net 3.5 framework & works only in windows operating system, you can download & install .Net 3.5 from Microsoft Site.

The project lets you play with L-Fractal curves, it also lets you design your own fractal curve.

NOTE: This is alpha & hence things are not fully baked. This application will notify you automatically (whenever you launch) whenever a newer & better version gets published.

Documentation is not great. Feel free to drop in a email to for any help/query.

Quick Usage Guide

Once you have downloaded the release zip, unzip it to some folder location. It contains the LFractal.exe .. that's the main application. So, start by double clicking it.




Play with the different levels for the sample curves provided. If everything goes well, you will see some of the curves shown below:

Tree OL1.jpg
Tree OL1 Sample

Tree OL2.jpg
Tree OL2 Sample

Tree OL3.jpg
Tree OL3 Sample

The plus sign in the first screen is where you'll get a chance to create your own L-Fractal curves.

////// Curve creation info coming soon //////

In the meantime, I encourage you to read first 25 pages of The Algorithmic Beauty Of Plants, the notations supported by this application is as per this book.

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